June 11, 2024

Governor Kemp Signs Legislation Improving Healthcare Access


Gov. Kemp April, 2024

Governor Kemp Signs Legislation Improving Healthcare Access

On Friday, April 19th, 2024, Governor Kemp signed a package of legislation into law that will enhance access to healthcare in Georgia. He signed six pieces of legislation, two overseen by Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce

House Bill 872, sponsored by Chairman Lee Hawkins, signed by Chairman Butch Parrish, Chairwoman Sharon Cooper, Chairwoman Deborah Silcox, Representative Karen Bennett, and carried in the Senate by Chairwoman Kay Kirkpatrick. This bill expands service cancelable loans for dentists to 4th year dental students who agree to practice in a rural area of Georgia. This aims to retain valuable health professionals in Georgia and provide accessible care to Georgians in rural communities. 

Senate Bill 480, sponsored by Senator Mike Hodges, signed by Chairwoman Kay Kirkpatrick, Chairman Max Burns, Chairman Ben Watson, Chairman Chuck Hufstetler, Chairman Carden Summers, and carried by Chairwoman Sharon Cooper. This bill puts in place loan repayments for mental health and substance use healthcare professionals. These service cancelable loans allow health professionals to serve in underserved areas geographical areas and communities of Georgia. The GBHCW currently administers six service-cancelable loan repayment programs for physicians, dentists, physicians assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, and nurse faculty. Mental health professionals will be the newest addition of loan repayment programs.

The GBHCW greatly appreciates Governor Kemp and our esteemed Legislators for their dedication to improving healthcare accessibility in Georgia.