The Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce (GBHCW) would like to help any resident physician or already practicing physician find a great place to practice in Georgia. Whether you are looking for a small, rural community or big city living, the GBHCW would like to help connect you with hospitals and clinics that fit within your desired practice plans.

Please fill in the information below to better assist the GBHCW with fulfilling your practice dreams in the Peach State.  REQUIRED fields are indicated in red below.

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Part 1: Candidate Information
Post Grad Year
Current Georgia Medical License Type
Contractual service obligations you owe following residency training (please check all that apply)
This section is information about you and your background as a physician.
Part 2: Practice Preferences
Preferred Community Size (please check all that apply)
Preferred Location(s) in Georgia (please check all that apply)
Preferred Type(s) of Practice (please check all that apply)
This section is information about where and how you would like to practice medicine.
Part 3: Spouse Information (Optional)
Is your spouse interested in employment?
This section for information about your spouse, should you wish to provide it. If your spouse works in health care too, then this information will be helpful for recruiters to place you together at a facility. If your spouse does not work in health care, then recruiters can still provide insight into the local economy about other possible employment opportunities. Again, this section is optional.
Part 4: Acknowledgement Release
Acknowledgement Release
I understand that I am voluntarily providing the following information to the Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce and that it may be distributed to potential employers (health systems, hospitals, clinics, practices, etc.) throughout the state of Georgia that match my desired practice environment. By completing this webform, I acknowledge this potential use of the provided information and allow the Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce to release such information to interested parties.