January 31, 2024

GBHCW publishes three reports during first board meeting

On January 25th, 2024, the Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce (GBHCW) Board and Staff held its first board meeting at GBHCW's new office across the street from the Capitol. The staff presented three reports: the Annual Report of fiscal year 2023, Nursing Workforce Data Summary, and Loan Repayment and Scholarship Awards Report for fiscal year 2023, which was motioned to be published by the Board.

The Download this pdf file. Annual Report discussed GBHCW's notable achievements, financial summary, and program details during fiscal year 2023.

The Download this pdf file. Nursing Workforce Data Summary examined the supply and distribution of nurses using data from licensure renewal provided by the Georgia Board of Nursing. Also, the nursing workforce data was transferred to our interactive data visualization tool.

Lastly, the Download this pdf file. Loan Repayment and Scholarship Awards Report were published. This report outlined the details of loan repayment and scholarship programs administered by the GBHCW during the fiscal year 2023. This report includes healthcare professionals awarded, specialties, and identified counties across Georgia positively impacted.

The GBHCW is proud to publish these reports and remains committed to enhancing the health and wellness of Georgia's residents.