Physician Workforce Database

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This page is available to provide interested individuals with a snapshot of the conditions of the physician workforce across the state. It is intended for use in a variety of ways and is presented in a manner that should help individuals monitor changes in this workforce and assess its current capacity. Because of the size of the state and the extent to which it remains rural in nature, emphasis is placed on the geographic distribution of physicians in the State. Further, due to the nature of medical practice, information is provided on the numerous medical specialties working in the state.

By providing this information, the reports on this site will help to:

  • Identify areas where physicians are needed, based on geographic distribution, specialty mix, acceptance of Medicaid and Medicare and other issues

  • Monitor the supply and distribution of practicing physicians in Georgia

  • Plan for health services

  • Identify current capacity of health care facilities operating in the state and their ability to meet current and future demand

Physician Reports

Two different types of Physician reports, with multiple geographic breakdowns. The Basic Physician Report provides a brief breakdown of physicians in various geographic areas and provides demographic, specialty and practice information for the physicians in this area. The Physician Needs Report provides a snapshot of the need communities have (defined in a variety of manners) for various physician specialties.


Basic Physician Report

Physician Need Reports


Medical Facility Reports

These reports provide information on bed capacity and utilization of Hospitals and Nursing Facilities across the state.


Facility Report


Report Information

The reports included on this site utilize certain definitions, understandings and processes. To ensure an accurate and sufficient understanding of these reports, and the data provided within them, this section provides explanations for certain processes used on the data reported on this site and definitions of the terms and issues included within these reports. They cover the following:

Background information on the data used to produce these reports and the processes used to collect these data. An explanation of certain rules used in reporting these data is also included in this area.

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