June 01, 2020

GBHCW adds new trends feature to data visualization tools

The Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce launched a new feature for its data visualization tool to highlight data trends over time. Trends of both total physicians and the rate of physicians per 100,000 population can now be viewed on the Board's website.

“This added component to our robust data visualization tool will paint a more complete snapshot of how Georgia's physician workforce has grown over the years,” GBHCW Executive Director LaSharn Hughes said. “With new data every year, it's important for us to display it appropriately.”

The Board launched its physician data visualization tool in October 2017 and then added a visualization tool for physician assistant data in December 2019. The Board plans to add a tool for nurses as well in late 2020.

To view the data visualization tools on the GBHCW website, click HERE.

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